"Leverage the power of the immune system."

About Us

Immage Biotherapeutics Corp. (OTC: IMMG) has been founded on the foundational understanding that many cancers can be treated via the harnessing the power of the human immune system. The pipeline of the company consists of a DNA viral vaccine construct that is target to tumors that expresses the Melanoma antigen family – A (MAGE-A) antigen.

The company has a pipeline of therapeutics that has a high success probability because our treatment targets patient population medical needs are not being met at this time. Our leading pipeline is a universal vaccine that can be used for any tumor that expresses tumor antigen MAGE-A. This treatment can be targeted to cancers that has a high expression of the MAGE-A antigen including, breast, colon, pancreas, glioblastoma, and esophageal squamous cell carcinomas, for example. The company expects to focus on developing the treatment for triple negative breast cancer.

Our research that will be ongoing is designed to reach human clinical trials and market via the leveraging of the immune system with its ability to treat tumors. The key to our strategies also includes our ability to combine our technology with anti-PD-L1 and/or anti-CTL4. With the potential for positive results of the ongoing pre-clinical stage programs, the next stage would allow the company to viable biotechnology commercial entity.

Learn more about MAGE-A: The MAGE-A: antigen is a cancer testis antigen that is expressed within the human testes. It is highly immunogenic and has been considered as a viable target for the development of immunotherapies of tumors overexpressing the MAGE-A family of antigens. The MAGE-A sub-family of cancer testis antigen are expressed in germ cells, though not exclusively. They may drive malignancy and since those antigens are highly immunogenic they lend themselves to possibly becoming potential effective target for immunotherapies. Antigens particular to each MAGE-A family, has a unique expression pattern and related tissue target, which defines its differential use as immunotherapy regiments.

Zhi Cong Mou – An industry veteran for start ups with vital experience in spearheading and managing numerous small start up companies, Mr Mou is widely knowledgeable about the numerous teething problems that start ups often face and how to manage them. His experience makes him an invaluable person to have on a company’s board, and he is currently focused on leading the team and ensuring that Immage Biotherapeutics continues to grow from strength to strength.

Mahesh Narayanan - Biotechnology entrepreneur with extensive experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry. He has a Master's in Biotechnology from University of Pennsylvania with experience in business development, consulting for start-ups, as well as research in academia and pharmaceutical industry focusing on antibiotics and vaccines.

Anton Dormer - Dr. Anton Dormer is a former associate professor at Washington Adventist University located in Takoma Park, MD. He received a medical doctorate from UTESA and a Master's in Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences from University of Massachusetts- Boston. Dr. Dormer's research focus is the development of peptide vaccine for the prevention of treatment of makor human pathologies and cancers.

Elton Norman - Elton F. Norman graduated, cum laude, from Howard University School of Law in 1994. He served as a member of the Howard Law Review. He earned a BBA in Accounting from Andrews University in 1988. Mr. Norman has extensive experience in financial statements preparation and review and the formation, counseling and governance of business entities. Mr. Norman's work experience includes securities offerings (public and private debt and equity offerings), public company SEC compliance, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financing, for-profit and non-profit corporate formations and corporate counseling. Mr. Norman also has significant experience working with small and start-up businesses. Mr. Norman worked for approximately ten (10) years as a corporate/securities attorney for major law firms before founding The Norman Law Firm PLLC, where he is currently the managing member.

Daniel Achinko - Dr. Daniel Achinko is a research scientist with a doctorate in Bioinformatics from University of Yaounde I (UYI), with a focus on co-parasitic infections, and a Master's in Molecular Parasitology with a focus on genotyping the Plasmodium strains of Malaria. He is currently a member of the East African Bioinformatics Group and the International Society of Computational Biology. Dr. Achinko is leading the efforts for in vitro trials and protocol design at ImMAGE.

Immage Therapeutics is developing targeted therapeutics to address devastating diseases for which available treatments are inadequate. Our pipeline is built from a proprietary portfolio of antibodies and immunomodulators used alone and in strategic combinations to create novel, disease-specific therapies that induce, enhance or suppress the body's immune response.